DS-V Line Training

What are Collagen Threads?

Collagen threads is a cosmetic treatment in which the DS-V Line collagen threads are applied using a special protocol

be in the skin!

The patented original DS-V Line collagen threads, of bovine and fish collagen, together with the unique serums packed with good active ingredients, provide more volume in the face, this by the absorption of the collagen in a deeper skin layer, which also reduces the deeper wrinkles. be addressed!

The skin becomes visibly tighter and firmer and strengthens the elasticity of the skin and its skin barrier!

Advantages of the DSV-Line collagen threads?

THE "original" patented collagen threads.

The natural facial expression is preserved.

Immediately visible result.

Stops the aging process.

Strengthens and balances collagen levels in general.

Improves and supports the skin quality.

Strengthening the skin barrier.

Needle-free / pain-free.

Effect duration: about 3-8 months.

Suitable for all skin types.

Training DS-V Line Collagen Ropes

Content day course:



Practical training on 2 models.

Complete starter set (for approx. 25 treatments)

  •  Collagen stem cell serum.
  •  DS-V Line skin care products.
  •  DS-V Line tweezers.
  •  DS-V Line Collagen wires
  •  Flyers / advertising material.
  •  Wire worksheet.

incl. well catered lunch.

Benefits DS-V Line Collagen Threads Training!

Extensive day training of the original, patented DS-V Line collagen threads.

Optimal attention due to the small training groups.

Various training locations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Possible on location in consultation.

The DS-V Line collagen starter set, good for about 25 "full face" collagen threads treatments or about 50 partial treatments, remains intact!

So no extra large expenses after the training! You can start immediately with this unique treatment.

pay in 3 installments

Pay training in 3 x? Available from now on for Dutch salons.

Without interest and no BKR registration.

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